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Quick Start Guide F3D100 Intelligent Reader

How to set up and configure your F3D100 Intelligent Reader hardware and software and use it as soon as posible

To request technical assistance, please contact us via phone or email:

Phone: (954) 893-2693 Email: support@alocity.com

For customers in other countries, please refer to our partners or distributors available in your country. Alternatively, you can contact your local distributor for assistance. More information can be found on our website at www.alocity.com.

Please note that the installation of your Alocity F3D100 Reader should be performed by a professional technician. The following instructions are intended for experienced users who wish to set up the Alocity System quickly and efficiently, typically for testing purposes. These instructions do not provide all the information required for a full-fledged installation and configuration of the system.

Quick start instructions:

Follow these instructions to guide you to a quick setup of your Alocity System:

  1. Before you start: Getting Started with your Alocity F3D100 Reader. This guide will walk you through the system, network, and tool requirements, as well as recommendations prior to setting up or installing an Alocity F3D100 Reader.
  2. Installing the F3D100 Reader: How to install the alocity F3D100 Reader. Learn how to physically install the Alocity F3D100 Reader in a wall or mullion under normal conditions.
  3. Alocity F3D100 Reader (Terminal Block-Integrated) Wiring Diagram and Alocity F3D100 Reader (Cable & Terminal Block Pigtail) Wiring Diagram. This guide provides a quick look at how to connect the reader to typical accessories for setting up door access control, including accessories, controllers, and locks.
  4. Getting started with Alocity Control Center: What should you consider to start using the administration software Alocity Control Center. Once your device is up and running and connected to the required accessories, this article will guide you on how to start setting up the administration software, Alocity Control Center.
  5. Depending on whether your device already has an Alocity Control Center account created and assigned, you will need to follow different steps,:
    1. Check your master admin user's email (the primary contact who made the acquisition of the device will be assigned as the master admin user of the account by default) for a welcoming message containing instructions to set the password for the first time and login to your account. Follow the steps on this article
    2.  If you don't have an account created: Create an account by following the steps described in the article. 

    NOTE1: Some email systems may block the automatic email server used by Alocity to send the welcoming email. Therefore, it is encouraged to check the SPAM folder of the master admin user's email and mark the email as safe.

    NOTE2: The email link to set the password has a short validation period of only 10 minutes. If the link expires, you will need to reset the master admin user's password. Refer to this article for more information.

    NOTE3: If the master admin is not available to perform the initial account setup described in this step, please contact our support team or your account manager.

  6. Once your master admin software account is properly set, you can proceed to log in and set up your system to enroll users and test the device. Follow these steps:
    1. Create your first group by referring to the Group Management Guide: How to create or manage an access group.
    2. Create your first schedule by following, Adding Schedules: How to set a door to open in a specific time for the users  and make sure you enroll your F3D100 device on it.
    3. Create or locate the user using the guide to User Management: How to view, add or modify the information of a user (admin or access user)
    4. Assign the required user Credentials by following the steps on: Managing Credentials:
      How to add, delete o modify a user credential (face template, card, mobile or cloud key)

    NOTE4: If you are not the master admin user and require an admin account to access the software, you can create a new user and grant portal access. This will send you an email with access to the Alocity Control Center. 
  7. Perform an access attempt and verify that your enrollment is complete. The device should grant you access and notify you by turning the LED green while recording the access log in the system. If this is not happening, please contact our support team or your account manager. 

    APPENDIX: To better understand how how the F3D100 reader is operating, you can refer to the Alocity LED color descriptions chart.

"Thank you for choosing Alocity. We are here to assist you with any technical inquiries or concerns."